Looking for your Soul mate out on the Internet but confused on deciding which app to trust? Don’t worry, you landed at the right place. Dating in India is now becoming popular as the people started accepting the western culture and it’s a very normal thing nowadays. People have started using dating apps to meet people with their interests and go out on a date with them.

There are several dating apps available in the market but the question arises which one to trust? As you know, there are a lot of fake apps which can misuse your personal data for some kind of illegal activity. But only for you, we created a list of 7 best dating apps in India from which you can find your suitable one according to your taste and your purpose.  

Here we provide you with a list of best dating apps in India. You can surely trust these apps when sharing your personal data and also the user interface of these applications are also very good to use and interact with the people of your choice. So let’s get started our list of top dating apps India  

Best Dating Apps in India 


You have definitely heard the name of this app as this is the widely used and most popular dating app of India. We placed this app at first position in the list of Best Dating Apps in India because of the positive view of its users. It asks you to sign up using your Facebook account and at first fetches basic profiles as per your taste. This app uses the same data that it fetches from your account to show you profiles with similar interest.

In this way, it works and it is very successful actually since the past few years. In case you do not want to connect with your facebook account because of any privacy issue then you can also sign up with your mobile phone number and then make a new account from scratch. While viewing the profiles, you are provided with the option of left swipe and right swipe. You can swipe left the profile if you don’t like the profile and swipe right if you like the profile. If two people like each other on Tinder, it becomes a match and you are then provided with an option to chat with that person. 

Tinder basically works on the looks as when you get the profiles to view, people usually watches the pictures on the profiles and then look at the other details. Very few are those who actually look at the other details first rather than the pictures. 

This app comes with 2 versions. The first version is the free version in which you are provided with a limited number of profiles in a day around your location. In its premium version, it offers unlimited swipes, option to change your location and also option to see who likes you. 

The best part about this app is if you don’t want to show up with your original real name, you can also use an alias name until you find a trusted match. 

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In the list of Best Dating apps in India, the second position is TrulyMadly. TrulyMadly is also a very good dating app. The best part of this app is that it takes profile verification very seriously so as on maximum time, you can match with a verified profile. While using it, it asks for identity proof documents before making a profile visible to others. After you provide your identity proof documents, your profile will go live within seconds and then afterward, it starts showing your matching profiles.

TrulyMadly is very concerned regarding profile verification so it also shows trusts score based on the things you have verified. The more the score is the more the profile is trusted. In case of any problem due to profile failure or something else, other person is always traceable.

Like Tinder, here also you have the option to like or pass the profiles you viewed. If the other person likes you back, it becomes a match and you are provided with an option to chat with that person. It is bit similar to tinder but with strict profile verification feature which is a good thing. 

Another best part of this app is that no one can take the screenshot of your profile picture or download it. So it is very safe to use. Although the app is very good but it is not that popular when compared with other dating apps. 

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The third position in our list of Best Dating apps is filled with Happn. Happn is also another good dating app which is actually a location-based dating app. This app comes with a unique matching concept. It allows you to find people you have crossed paths with in day to day life. If you find someone attractive in your day to day routine then you can check if he or she is on happn or not. When you see the profile, send the secret like. If other person does the same, then it becomes a match then you can chat with other person. This app is totally based on the pictures.  

You actually cannot judge a person based on their first appearance. 

This profile also allows you to make a basic profile with multiple photos. The concept of Happn is totally different and interesting when compared with other dating apps. 

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The fourth position in our list of Best Dating Apps is Woo. Woo is a dating app basically which have a primary focus on showing only well educated professionals. It offers many features like voice intro, Tag search, Question & Answers and Direct Messaging features. 

This app offers voice call options but your actual number remain hidden from the other person so it’s a good thing that people can actually interact with each other via phone without giving their actual phone numbers until they become comfortable.  

The best part of this app is that it never shares name, number or location of women. In this also, you get the option to like or pass a profile and if other person likes you too then it becomes a match and you two can interact.  

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The fifth position in the list of Best Dating Apps is OKCupid. OKCupid is an international dating service app which is providing its service in 113 countries. It is one of the oldest dating service app currently running. This app works on the data, it fetches from you. 

The app asked many questions related to your interests and your thinking based on which it finds your matches. These questions are localized to make sure they are relevant to India users. Here, you are also provided with an option to search for someone based on several search filters. 

This app also takes safety and privacy as their primary concern and we guess that’s the reason, it is constantly running from years. You can hide profile from someone or can also bock someone. 

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The Sixth position in our list of Best dating apps is Hinge. Hinge is another good dating app which uses your facebook profile for signup and then matches you with friends of your friends. It provides you with suggestions based on the friend’s chain. So you get suggestions which include your friends, friends-of-friends, etc. It is basically for the people who like each other but never actually speak to each other.  

When you create your profile, it asks for your photo and furthermore questions based upon which it makes a timeline. People see your timeline and they have the option to like something from your timeline. You will be notified every time when someone liked something from your timeline. 

Although the app is free to use it has a subscription option. Subscription starts at $12.99 per month. 

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Coffee Meets  Bagel  

The last position in the list of Best Dating App is Coffee Meets Bagel. An awesome dating app designed and created for women as it gives them with the primary power. Women only receive suggestions from those guys who have already shown interest in them. On the other hand, guys only have the option to like or pass the profile. 

Users on this app get suggestions once a day so no need to waste time surfing through multiple profiles. The best part of this app is that it considers several things before showing you recommendations. All you have to do it is that come once a day and likes the profiles as per your taste. If there is a match, you will be notified. This app is not for the desperate users, you need patience while using this. 

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Now that you have the list of best dating apps in India, you can choose one of them as per your interest and taste. Finding a person worth trusting is never an easy task, you have to see many details, go through a lot of things and have to deal with a lot of circumstances. We provide you with the best dating apps so that you do not worry about meeting with many fake profiles or not even one. For the user’s convenience, we are regularly updating this article as soon as we find some new thing to add on this. We wish you good luck in finding your best partner!