Best Crossword App For Android And iOS (2020)

There used to be a time when the best place to get a crossword done was from a puzzle book or inside a newspaper. Thanks to best crossword app, crosswords are far easier to get into than ever before. Due to their simple input system, crosswords translate into app form very well, and come with additional features such as answer checking and filling in answers you’re stuck on. Here are the best crossword puzzle apps for dictionary-lovers everywhere.

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Here we have listed the Best Crossword App For Android And iOS for you :

7. Wordscapes

In case you are bored with standard square crossword puzzles, try Wordscapes. Here you will have to rotate the text as required by the task, but it is not so easy.

Wordscapes will really break your mind in search of the right answer, and also search for words, anagrams and, of course, to solve crossword puzzles. Wordscapes is among the best crossword app.

best crossword app

In total, the Wordscapes has more than 6 thousand crossword puzzles. The puzzles start out easy, and later on you get more and more complex options. Wordscapes challenges you and wants to check your vocabulary. Wordscapes is among the best crossword puzzle app.

Either way, you’ll be able to admire the beautiful background images that are matched to each of the crossword puzzles. Wordscapes is the ideal solution for people who are bored playing only traditional crossword puzzles and want to try something new – anagrams, combinations, unusual puzzles.

6. Astraware Crosswords

Astraware Crosswords offers its users 4 new publications every day. You’re competing in speed and quality with other players, and if you find these crosswords too easy, there’s a way out. Astraware Crosswords offers a free weekend puzzle game. Astraware Crosswords is among the best crossword puzzle app.

Astraware Crosswords contains quite complex puzzles and is much larger in size. If you expect to play offline, the developers have provided this as well. The application comes with 60 fast crossword puzzles, which are available even without the Internet.

best crossword app

Additional and more complex variations can be purchased on Astraware Crosswords when connected to the network. A total of 4 grid sizes to choose from and 3 different levels of complexity are available.

Since puzzles are constantly coming out, they are accumulated in your account. You can catch up at any time. Astraware Crosswords is among the best crossword app.

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5. One Clue Crossword

Bright design immediately attracts attention. Your brain will maintain a constant activity, as well as train with these crosswords pictures. One Clue Crossword is an unusual kind of crossword puzzle, where you do not have tips and tasks.

Each word is deduced from the figure, which is given as a hint to the puzzle. Words can be different – some you just need to describe what you see, some you have to work on to figure out. One Clue Crossword is among the best crossword app.

best crossword app

In total, more than 700 puzzles are presented in One Clue Crossword, which are distributed in almost 50 sections. In addition to them, there are more than 200 additional tasks, which are opened to users gradually during the game.

There are many different kinds of pictures – animals, landscapes, places and others. There are also instant helpers that will remove unnecessary letters or vice versa, will open you a whole word. Of course, they will need to be bought, so try to use only your own cleverness! One Clue Crossword is among the best crossword puzzle app.

4. NYTimes – Crossword

NYTimes is a well-known edition that is published daily. Many people all over the world (and not only in New York) are waiting for a new issue for various reasons. You may have known that each issue of the newspaper publishes a new crossword puzzle. In fact, customers get something new each time, and even if they haven’t missed a single issue in a year, the editors won’t let the puzzles repeat themselves.

NYTimes – Crossword is access to all the puzzles in the newspaper. Crossword puzzle in the application is published at exactly 10 p.m. local time – before publication in the newspaper itself and at 6 p.m. on weekends. NYTimes – Crossword is among the best crossword puzzle app.

best crossword app

Every day, in addition to the main and expected crossword puzzle, you get mini puzzles that are available to you even without a subscription. NYTimes – Crossword also contains small crossword puzzles that can be solved very quickly – this is especially important for those people who are limited in time.

There are whole puzzle packs that you can download – each one of the first puzzles in the package will be available for free. Since the content is constantly being added, there will be no problem with uniformity. NYTimes – Crossword is among the best crossword app.

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3. 5-Minute Crossword Puzzles

Optimization of the 5-Minute Crossword Puzzles allows you to work in it quickly enough. The entire crossword puzzle is immediately visible to you as a whole, so you will not need to zoom in or move the screen from one part to another.

The crossword puzzles themselves are small and do not take much time, so that in a couple of minutes you can easily solve a couple of puzzles. 5-Minute Crossword Puzzles is among the best crossword app.

best crossword puzzle app

If you can’t solve anything, just skip the crossword puzzle, you can go back to it later. The word will be checked only after you enter the word completely. 5-Minute Crossword Puzzles is among the best crossword puzzle app.

If you don’t have a lot of free time, 5-Minute Crossword Puzzles is perfect for you. The developers of the application created the application based on the words and riddles that ordinary people can solve in a few minutes. Try playing on your tablet or phone and you’ll have a little fun and have a good time.

2. Crossword Quiz – Crossword Puzzle Word Game!

Many people have grown up on crossword puzzles, so Crossword Quiz is even a little bit of a past experience for them. Crossword Quiz is among the best crossword puzzle app.

Crossword Quiz is a random application that selects crossword puzzles of different complexity for you – so you can definitely stretch your brains a little bit, even if you haven’t even read it before.

best crossword app

Free puzzles are based on different types of clues – words, emoji or even photos. Here you can test not only your brain, but also logic and visual perception. Crossword Quiz is among the best crossword app.

Crossword Quiz does not require you to learn anything new, learn the rules, or take a long time to get to grips with the way things work. In the application you solve an unlimited number of crossword puzzles almost indefinitely!

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1. World’s Biggest Crossword

World’s Biggest Crossword offers its users hundreds of unique puzzles and thousands of keys, in addition to them you can pass real quests. As a result, once the crossword puzzle solution process is complete, you get awards and build your own cup shelf.

The game has several modes of operation. World’s Biggest Crossword is a collection of over 300 classic crossword puzzles that many people around the world appreciate. World’s Biggest Crossword is the best crossword puzzle app.

Best Crossword App For Android And iOS

World’s Biggest Crossword is a very large puzzle game that consists of long words and complex clues. Test your ability to build word towers! The Daily Diamond Crossword presents small puzzles every day that give you bonuses.

There are also coded crossword puzzles, mysterious British crossword puzzles with anagrams and double values, as well as much more. Performing tasks, you can get the stars and become a real pro! World’s Biggest Crossword is the best crossword app.

Final Verdict !

Well, that’s all from our side. Thanks to the best crossword puzzle app, we can solve crosswords anywhere without any need of traditional puzzle book or newspaper crossword column. So, did any of the above mentioned Best Crossword App For Android And iOS catch your eye? Or do you have any other Best Crossword App suggestions for us? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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