VLC Player is a Most Widely Music Player Being Used these days.Being one of the best Music Players VLC Players has many Features so we will be talking about such vlc keyboard shortcuts which you may also Know.This List Consists of 15 total vlc keyboard shortcuts.Some of Us are not willing to Use Mouse instead we use Keyboard Shortcuts else clicking on the Menu and selecting the options. So, Lets start with our list of vlc keyboard shortcuts.Many of us Might know these vlc media player keyboard shortcuts but might not be using these shortcuts so let’s constitute such vlc shortcuts.

VLC Media Player

Lets, Start with these vlc media player shortcuts.

1) A Button For Changing the Aspect Ratio

vlc keyboard shortcuts

vlc keyboard shortcuts

“A” Button is being used to Change the Aspect Ratio Of the Video. This vlc media player shortcut is Very Useful button Aspect ratio in general words means when u play a Video it fits to your screen automatically and sometimes your display size is not fitting the video resolution which makes a bad experience by this vlc keyboard shortcuts you can change the video resolution as per your resolution best fitted to  you.

2) Spacebar to Pause the Video

vlc keyboard shortcuts

Spacebar is a vlc keyboard shortcut which is used mostly by a VLC Media Player User By this Button you can a pause a video in VLC Media Player.

3) Z Button to Change the Zoom Mode

vlc shortcuts

“Z” Button is one of the vlc keyboard shortcuts which is not known by many and not used by many VLC Media Players User which is the one of the greatest Option being available in a vlc media player. By this option you can zoom your video as per your desire to watch the video. This is one of the Great vlc keyboard shortcuts that should be used by an user.The Option can be cycled  between one-quarter, half, original and double upto the requirement of the user.

 VLC Media Player

4)F button to Toggle To Fullscreen Mode

“F” Mode is an general vlc control by which we can Toggle a Video to Full Screen Mode.

5) Alt+Left/Alt-Right to Fast Forward Slow a running Video

Alt+Left/Alt-Right to Fast Forward Slow is an option by which we can rewind a Video upto 10 Seconds. If we Click the Alt+Left the Video goes Back 10 Seconds and If we Click the Alt+Right the Video gets 10 Seconds Forwarded.This is one of the widely used vlc shortcuts.

6) Ctrl+H Key To Hide/Unhide Controls

vlc shortcuts

VLC having So many controls displayed in the main screen while playing an video which are not being used so there is an option in VLC Media Player By ” Ctrl+H” Key we can hide the Various VLC Controls Being Displayed On The Home Screen.

7) S Button to Stop Playing Of an Video

“S” is an another great control of an VLC Media Player by which  a Video playing can be stopped in case of you get reminded of your pending work being urgent so u can press “S” button and do your work assuredly.

8) “P” button to Play The Previous Video

Talking about Another vlc shortcuts, If you are willing to Change your Video with the previous Video which you were playing you can simply click P button and you previous video will be played.

9) “N” button to Play The Next Video 

If you are willing to Change your Video with the next Video which you were playing you can simply click N button and you Next video will be played.

10) +/- Button to Play Video Faster/Slower

By Using +/- Button you can increase and decrease the Speed of the Video you are Playing respectively.When you are willing to watch an scene in a video clearly this could be a great option. And by + button you can fast forward your Video.

11) T Button to Show the Time Remaining/ Elapsed Time

By “T” button you can Watch the time being Remained in the Video for Completion and total watch time of the Video.When the Video is being played in the vlc player this helps us a lot.

12) Ctrl+E to Adjust Video/Effects in a Video

vlc shortcuts

When you are playing an video there is one of the great vlc shortcuts by which the Video/Audio Effects Dialog Box Opens directly. In this VLC Media Player Option we can change Audio/Video effects best suited to us.

13) M button to Mute an Video

M button can be used to mute an Video playing in the VLC Media Player.

These all Where Some Of the VLC Media Shortcuts which should be known by a VLC Media User to Make the Functioning easier for him. Hope You liked our Article about 13 Best Vlc Media Players Shortcuts.These vlc keyboard shortcuts would help you a lot and Surely Share with us if we have missed any Info. Do Subscribe to us for Such Updates.

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