Top 10 Best wireless Headphones under INR 2000 in India 2018

Best wireless Headphones under INR 2000

For the confused India buyer- Here we are with the list of Best best wireless headphones in India

Music is our part of life and for like us If you care about the music quality, you need to get something better. To help you with that, we have created the list of the best wireless headphones in India. All those below-listed headphones are best among umpteen brands and models. Some of them are even better from those high rated headphones. All the headphone offer good audio quality for all genres of music, some provide good bass, some have good audio and so on. Overall you need to decide which one will be the best for your comfort

Looking for the best wireless headphones in India ?

Your wait is over. Here we go with the list of best wireless headphones under INR 2000.

Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones under INR 2000

1) Boat Rockerz

best headphones under 2000

One of the most anticipated and admired wireless headphones over the Internet is the boat Rockerz 400 and why not it would be, such a load of feature it has flexible headbands. Havng padded earcups, wired as well as wireless connectivity, hands-free call answer, volume control keys and passive noise cancellation and many more.

No wonder why this one of the bestselling budget best Bluetooth headphones under 2000 ruling the market.

2) Link+ 4 in 1 Wireless Headphones with Mic

best headphones under 2000

You must be thinking about how this unknown brand is listed in our Top 10 best wireless headphones that’s because the product totally deserves it. The headphone has driver unit of 40mm 32ohm impedance and for the bass, a cushioned foam earcups is provided. This is one of the best Bluetooth headphones in India has a long lasting charge capability which lasts up to 8hrs in a single charge. For your comfort this wireless headphone has an inline microphone. A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED product.

Best earphones under 2000 In 2018 You Should Buy

3) Portronics Muff’s Xtreme

best wireless headphones in india


I bet you wouldn’t want to miss out this spectacular product at this price range. Taking its specs the headphone has Bluetooth 4.1 facilitates an automatic reconnection feature for the already paired device.It is also compatible with the devices supporting lower Bluetooth versions. The only thing missing in this is cushions and extra padding for the comfort but the brand has made sure about the audio quality. Overall the phone is good and has great specs to provide you a good music experience.

4) iBall pulse BT4 wireless Bluetooth headset with mic

best wireless headphones in india

Iball a renowned brand and has been at its peak lately especially in audio accessories compatible with PC and smartphones. The pulse wireless Bluetooth headphone has the very aesthetic design with rectangular shaped earcups which very unique in comparison to others. The finish and the placement of the music control buttons are just as perfect. The multipurpose Bluetooth headphone has standby time up to 200 hrs ranging from listening music to playing games to video calling. Overall this can be one of the best Bluetooth headphones in India is perfect but at the same time its average.


5)Envent Boombud

best wireless headphones in india


Envent boombud has a stylish, compact and elegant design & has made a new entry with his feature packed piece of design in the market of best wireless headphones. Taking its specs the headphone comes with an extended standby time of 200hr and a continuous 10hr time of music playback, this is one of the most long lasting battery life among the various Bluetooth headsets. A mammoth driver unit of 40mm and a plethora of control buttons including the power on/off key, volume control, and play/pause buttons. This Bluetooth headphone can be connected to the source device within the radius of 10m.

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6) JBJ Solo S460

best wireless headphones in india

You must be wondering that the brand name is incorrect but let me clarify that its actually JBJ, not JBl, its might sound awkward but its true. JBJ is actually produced by a Delhi based company Head kik. Overall the headphone comes with an SD card slot plus an FM radio transmitter built in. The headbands and the earcups are a perfect even for prolonged listening hours. The headphone works average when its all about gaming even though the sound quality is little bit old but perfectly placed.

7) Zebronics Raga Wireless Headphonesbest wireless headphones in india


Some of you folks must be knowing this brand and eventually, they produce some of the best quality computer accessories and has maintained their dignity in the market. Taking about his specs the headphone has premium looking headband design. It has a heavy impedance of 320ohm but you shall have to plug the USB charging cable in your laptop and will take a bit more time than your usual charging hour. In my opinion, the headphone is pretty good, wanna try something new this is your pick.

8) YSB HBS730 BL002 Bluetooth Headphone

best wireless headphones in indiaThis cool looking YSB headphone can be your good listening companion. No matter where you are or what activities you are indulged in stay connected with your music. The company claims to provide 60hr standby time for these headsets which is not that bad in this range. The headphone comes with USB charger in the box and even supports Bluetooth 4.0.

9) Boat Rockerz 250 with mic

best wireless headphones in india


Kind of bored with your over the ear Bluetooth headphone?

Try it out, Another Boat product with its ruling model series Rockerz is ranked on our list of best Bluetooth headphones under 2000. Actually, this is one of the best in-ear Bluetooth headphone bought under this range. Talking about the features the design is really ergonomic and adaptive and a premium built earpieces. It has quite decent audio output and a fairly good amount of noise isolation. Someone seeking to try out something new you can choose this over others.

10) Philips SHB 5250BK wireless Bluetooth headset with Mic

Philips SHB 5250BK wireless Bluetooth headset with Mic

You might be familiar with Philips SHE3200 IEMs, the only difference between these two is wireless Bluetooth technology. The headphone comes with 14.2mm driver along with hefty impedance of 32ohm but you cannot point a finger on his audio quality. This headphone is really helpful for receiving/ dialing calls though fits perfectly in your ears and easy to use.