Whatsapp is an social networking site/app where people connect with each other and a can communicate from any corner of the world. To make it user friendly or say to compete with others, changes are made to make it better to use, or can help you do more. We have listed 24 of them change made this year, Following these Whatsapp tricks can make your chat look professional.

25 Hidden Whatsapp Tricks (2017) | Gadgets To Live

1. Turn of blue ticks in Whatsapp

 secret hidden whatsapp tricks

Do you feel like you are being stalk?

Don’t worry this new feature of Whatsapp won’t let you stalk, simply turn of blue ticks in Whatsapp which won’t allow your friends know whether you have read the message or not, but at the same you won’t be able see your friends read your message or not, turning off blue ticks is so easy just go to the settings > privacy > Read receipts then turn it off.


2. See when your friend read your message on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks

This new feature or update of Whatsapp allows you to see the exact time of delivery and Reading of messages you sent.


Android– If you are an android user, you can easily see by just pressing a little longer on the message you sent, then a menu will appear upwards select ‘i’ button you can see exactly when your sent message was delivered and read.


IOS- iPhone users can even spy: open the chat history and wipes to the right next to the last message you sent. In the new window, you can see if the message was read, if the reading confirmation is deactivated, the time remains empty.

3. Send documents on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks

You can even send documents in PDF and word press format. This feature has been in a long overdue, To send documents just ‘click’ on the pinned like option near camera option, clicking on that option opens up a menu, You will find several option select documents and now Whatsapp will take you to the saved documents in your phone select any of them and click on send.


4. Hide your profile picture

 secret hidden whatsapp tricks

This is one of the best feature which Whatsapp has added in his update. When you don’t want that anyone can see you personal info like profile picture, you can eventually manage it by clicking on some options, this would allow you to change who can see your profile picture- everyone, my contacts, No one, just follow these steps to change your setting, settings >Account > privacy > select: my contacts, everyone, No one in profile picture

5. Mute groups on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks

Continuous flashing of messages from group, it sucks. This new feature of Whatsapp has a solution, you can mute your group for hours, week and year. This is great! right- but you have no nerves for it? Toggle the group. Two ways; select the group in the overview and click on the crossed out loud speaker which appears in menu(picture). Second option: open the group chat and then the menu then click On mute as stated above. Unfortunately personal adjustment is not there.

6. Mute individual person on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


Android- opens the contact. To do this, click on the profile image and then on information. Then select the “Mute” option. Already you have your peace. The second variant works through the overview. Press and hold the chat button for a while, then click Om the crossed out loudspeaker to mute the chat.


IOS- swipe left in the chat summary and click s”More”. You can then mute the contact using the “silent” command. Alternatively, you can open the contact information by simply clicking on the name in the Whatsapp book.

7. Chat links on the home screen on Whatsapp


We have already used this feature in our phone; Remember the speed dial keys on the old phones? Whatsapp has brings you back the feature at least on android smartphones. To add chat link on the homescreen: open a chat session, then the menu. Behind the menu item “More” hides the option “Add shortcut” it would take your selected chat link on screen.


8. Broadcast: send messages personally       on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


This is very unique feature of Whatsapp function “Broadcast” you send messages to many people- it ends up however in the personal chat, instead of group, “Broadcast” is hidden in chat menu, There you you will find the point “New broadcast” ,l. Adds all the guest youbwant to invite and writes a message- just like a normal group but each guest receives the invitation as a direct message.

9. Save favourite conversation by email chat on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks

Did you feel like the chats on Whatsapp are not safe or want to save it for something like for years, don’t worry Whatsapp has came with a new feature that allows you to send th chat of your favourite conversation to the selected email address. The super feature is hidden under “calls” and “chats” . click on the chat history and then send chat via email link. All your emotion connected through chats are immortalized in a texts saved in your selected email address.

10. Disable last seen on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks

Did someone stalking upon you? May be your GF, parents or it can be anyone asking to you: you were awake last night for so long ? What were you up to?, Not interested in answering these silly question just turn of you last online in Account>Privacy>last seen.

They won’t be able to see when you were online last. The disadvantage same goes for you.

11. Use Whatsapp in computer

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


Bored with your phone? Or not having your phone with you but wanna use Whatsapp for chatting? Nit to worry this new feature is super exciting. You can use your Whatsapp in your PC with no more autocorrection error, and typing is much faster and with few errors. To do tjis , you only have to select the “Whatsapp web” menu, scan the QR code on the web page and you will be chatting with the PC.

12. Favourite: save messages on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


This is really very nice update of the Whatsapp for those who wanna save their messages so that he didn’t loose that. You can save your message clicking on the message and holding it a little bit longer then select the star that appears in the green menu Bar at the top of the screen.

13. Data volume used by Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


Did you know? You can see how much does Whatsapp strain your data. In settings under “Account”, ” Network Usage”, Whatsapp shows how much data was sent and revived by the time you first used Whatsapp.


14. Save data volume on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks

Android users go in to the chats and calls setting under “media Auto download”, which media is automatically downloaded, by clicking on the respective connection type change the setting.IPhone user go into the setting and there to “data usage”. In this you can determine on which connection you want to download which type of media automatically.


15. Make GIFs on your own on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


We have been using GIFs on messenger just like emojis, but GIFs used in messengers are selected we cannot create our own. But in Whatsapp we can eventually make our own. You can create maximum of seven second GIFs: open the video in Whatsapp. Chooses the ” photo and video media library” chat. A blue appears in the screen, where you select “video” and “GIFs”.

16. Video call on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


When its about video call the first app name came to ours mind is skype as well as imo. We have already been known about the voice call but this time Whatsapp has updated their feature with a new video call feature. You can eventually call your friends through video chat and had great time. Whatsapp video call is safer than normal video call. But consumes good amount of data.

17. Bold, italic and crossed out: formats on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


Bold, italic, crossed out; these highlights are actually need to make your articles/ messages attractive. With Whatsapp this goes now. To write bold, italic crossed out.


18. Change font on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


Fonts are really very important, Whatsapp offers a different font. Its compelty different from normal font. Its actually wider than normal font.


Android- The accent grave (‘) is on the second page of the special characters. So on ” 123″ tab, tonopen the special character keyboard, go to the second page, and voilà, here it is


IOS- open the special character on the keyboard using “123” button. Here is the apostrophe character. If this character is pressed, a selection of duffey strike character appears


19. Put emojis on Whatsapp status

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


Simply uploading a picture as a status isn’t fun, Whatsapp has added a new fun feature with their update, now you can add emojis, write caption on pic, just upload a picture you would a options upside of the you can select the icon of smiley that actually can add a emojis.


20. Sending an voice message on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


Its irritating when someone doesn’t reply your message or call but actually need to talk really important to them but he or she is not online but you to say something really log and that cannot be typed. Now you can record and send your message to selected one. You can find a icon of microphone near to the typing message.

21. Bigger emojis on Whatsapp

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


Whatsapp has this feature since it was first launched, but only some of you know about this Whatsapp hidden trick, emojis plays a great role in a conversation. Its is a great way to express your feeling without saying a word. A faint emojis looks more appropriate. Sending emojis without a text would make appear, bigger than normal.

22. Reply to a particular message in a group 

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


Whatsapp has come up with a latest feature, this new feature of Whatsapp is really help when you are chatting in a group, it actually a replying to a particular message while chatting, just click on the and hold it for a sec then a set of options appears in a green background, click on the left facing arrow this would select your and now you can reply to that particular message.

23. Activate safety notification

secret hidden whatsapp tricks


Since Whatsapp has the safest end to end encryption. Whatsapp uses 128 bit of encryption which won’t allow any third party to read the conversation shared between each other on Whatsapp.  This hidden trick of Whatsapp has been hidden in settings> Account> security > security notification. Whatsapp uses its own code to encrypt and decrypt the messages on your smartphone.

24. Read your friend message and your friend will not know about it

It’s not actually what you are thing, its not any feature of whatsapp, this is one of the hidden tricks of Whatsapp. You can read the messages of your friends without letting them know about it. You simply need to enable airplane mode and read the message and then again turn on the airplane mode. Your will not know about it.

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25 Hidden Whatsapp Tricks (2017)