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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Pickrr unveils “Fastrr”: A next-gen checkout solution enhancing buyer and seller experience

India’s leading SaaS-based logistics technology startup, Pickrr, has announced the launch of ‘Fastrr,’ a multi-layered AI-powered advanced checkout solution. Fastrr provides customers with a seamless and better shopping experience with one-click easy checkout. The solution harnesses over 100+ data points, allowing sellers to have better data analytics based on consumers’ purchasing patterns and payment modes to mitigate the issue of cart abandonment. 

Fastrr’s AI-powered address verification reduces fraud and wrong address-related issues by 50% and further speeds up delivery time resulting in 80% increased customer satisfaction. It leverages the data from Pickrr Predict to analyze pin codes that have higher-order return chances, which reduces RTO by 30% for sellers. Backed with over six years of shipping data curated by Pickrr, Fastrr enables a speedy and secure checkout experience with more than 90% EDD accuracy. The OTP log-in process of Fastrr eliminates the tedious process of manually filling long forms, thus expediting the checkout up to 70% faster with zero hassle. 

Gaurav Mangla, CEO & Co-Founder of Pickrr, highlighted that ” The launch of Fastrr Checkout will bring disruption in the industry as the brands will be able to address the various significant challenges they have been facing. Fastrr ascertains a quick and secure checkout experience and advanced features like delivery logistics integration and RTO prediction. Additionally, it also helps in the safe payments process and big data analytics.

He also adds, “Pickrr has mastered the D2C space by serving 100M+ orders across 29K+ delivery pin-codes for more than six years.” Over the period, we identified recurrent issues for D2C businesses like high cart dropouts, Return to Origin losses, COD-related risks, etc. With the help of Fastrr easy checkout, the businesses will be able to overcome these pain points.

Fastrr features a complete checkout architecture that gistomers the convenience of pre-paid as a mode of payment. The flawless checkout also provides a massive boost in conversions as it leads to direct access to over a million customers who are most likely to make a purchase. 

About Pickrr

Established in 2015 by Rhitiman Majumder, Gaurav Mangla and Ankit Kaushik, Pickrr is an end-to-end, plug-and-play logistics solution for e-commerce sellers and D2C brands to ship products from anywhere in India to end customers without hassles in price negotiations, courier partner selection, and data analytics. The startup addresses the lack of transparency, varying prices charged by courier companies and other pain points of the e-commerce logistics segment by providing greater visibility and management within supply chains. At the core of Pickrr’s technology lies its proprietary algorithm CALCULA, which suggests thebest courier partner that can be used considering historical data on multiple parameters that helps sellers decrease RTO percentages. Additionally, the company offers RTO reduction, real-time NDR management, real-time shipment tracking, invoicing, and COD management to help bring efficiency to the seller’s logistic setup while reducing cost at the same time.

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