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How to Stop WiFi Turn-on Automatically On Android

Does your WiFi Turn-on Automatically again and again? Do you want to Stop WiFi Turn-on Automatically On Android? Then, you are in right place. This Quick guide on How to Stop WiFi Turn-on Automatically On Android will help You to solve this problem.

What is ‘WiFi Turn-on Automatically’?

WiFi Turn-on Automatically is the feature which was first made available on Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones following the Android 8.0 Oreo update, Android 9 Pie brings it to all devices that support this newest version of the OS.

This ‘WiFi Turn-on Automatically’ feature works by first using your smartphone to scan for any nearby networks with a strong signal, even when WiFi is turned off. If it finds any that you’ve previously connected to your smartphone will automatically turn its WiFi back on and connect to the network.

The feature is helpful for preventing unnecessary data use. For example, let’s say you came home and forgot to turn on your phone’s WiFi and reconnect to your home network before you began streaming music. If you didn’t flip on “WiFi Turn-on Automatically”, you would end up using your data until you manually reconnected to your home network.

how to stop wifi turn on wifi automatically

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Of course, many may find this feature unnecessary or even annoying, especially if you find your phone connecting to signals you’re passing by at undesired times. Unfortunately, disabling the feature takes a bit more fiddling than simply turning off the WiFi from the drop-down notifications menu, but it’s an easy fix once you know where to look.

Steps to Stop WiFi Turn-on Automatically On Android

1. Open the Settings app in your Android device.

2. Then go to Network & internet settings.

WiFi Turn-on Automatically

3. Then tap on WiFi settings.

WiFi Turn-on Automatically

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4. Tap on the WiFi preferences features from the bottom of the page.

WiFi Turn-on Automatically

5. In the WiFi preferences page, you will find the Turn on Wi-Fi automatically toggle on the top of the page. Turn it off.

WiFi Turn-on Automatically

6. Voila!!! Your problem is now solved. No more worry of Wi-Fi Turn-on Automatically from now.

WiFi Turn-on Automatically


So, this was a simple guide on How to Stop WiFi Turn-on Automatically On Android. Hope you liked our guide for How to Stop WiFi Turn-on Automatically On Android do let us know in comment section if you faced any problems.

Also share with us, did this trick work for you? Do let us know in the comments below. Or do you have anything else to suggest? Feel free to share in comments section below.

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