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How to Enable / Disable Facebook App Manager on Xiaomi Smartphones

Using Xiaomi Android Phone? Having a Problem in disabling/enabling Facebook App Manager in your phone? Don’t worry today in our Post we will let you know how you can disable Facebook App Manager. Playstore has an option in which you can enable/disable Auto Update but in the case of Facebook it has its own option for updating its App mainly in Xiaomi Phones.

Even When you disable the option of automatic updates from Play Store settings, Facebook apps such as the Instagram app, Facebook Admin Page Manager App, Messenger App will get updated itself.

These apps updates are managed by the Facebook app manager in your Xiaomi Phone & through it you can only change the option for these apps. Facebook App Manager comes pre-installed in your phone so you need to open the app and change options from there.

So, Let’s start with the Steps How to Disable Facebook App Manager?

How To Enable/ Disable Facebook App Manager?

Firstly, to change your settings of Facebook App Manager you need to go to your Settings App. There you need to find settings of Installed Apps click on it.
Then after you go into the Installed Apps Section you will see installed apps on your phone you need to firstly tap on the vertical three dots and click on the option Unhide All Apps. Once you have selected the Unhide All Apps search for Facebook App Manager App and tap on It.
disable Facebook App Manager
Once You Tap on Facebook You Will see the Screen as in the above image. From here you can enable/disable the Facebook App Manager and also Delete Updates of the App. So according to your requirement you first delete the Facebook updated done and then you can disable Facebook App Manager.
Once You have clicked the Disabled App you will not able to get any Facebook Updates. 
From our Opinion you must not disable Update if you have a Limited Internet Connection then only you should disable Facebook App Manager as various new features are being added by facebook regularly & Various Bug Fixes are provided so you will not have such Options.
Hope, You liked our post regarding How to Disable Facebook App Manager? If, you guys have any problem in disabling or enabling the Facebook App let us know in the Comment Section we will try to help you.
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