The Google Pixel 2 unveiling is still weeks away and we have come out with some amazing info about it. Its Images and Prices are being leaked.Beyond that, we’ve also gotten word of how much it will set you back to purchase one, the storage configurations that will be available and of course, the colors you’ll have to choose between, all thanks to a massive info leak from DroidLife.
Starting with the general design of the phone as shown off in the latest leak, the rear of the Google Pixel 2 matches what we saw in information that surfaced a few weeks ago, showing its larger rear-facing camera sitting closer to the middle of the phone than it is off to the side.We haven’t yet had a look at the front of the Pixel 2, but comparing it with the Pixel 2 XL side-by-side doesn’t reveal any visible differences, well, other than their colors and that the location of their rear-facing cameras don’t match up.
Supposedly, the smaller Pixel 2 will launch in three colors: Clearly White, Just Black and Kinda Blue.Like its predecessor, the front bezels will likely match the color scheme we see from the back.The Google Pixel 2 XL colors take an interesting turn. It’ll supposedly be available in two colors: Just Black and Black & White. While the former looks as you’d imagine it would, the latter variant adds a playful dash of orange for its power button. It’s a weird, unexpected move and therefore, I need it right now.
In terms of pricing for the Pixel 2, the base model is reportedly staying at the same $649 (£599, AU$1,079 ) price point, but doubles the storage to 64GB. For $100 more, you can double the storage to 128GB.The Pixel 2 XL will obviously be more expensive, but retains the same storage configurations. Starting at $849 (about £630, AU$1079, but surely to be more), the 128GB option will come to $949. Compared to the first-gen Pixel, which only required an extra $120 to jump up to the plus-sized XL, this is considerably more expensive. Hopefully, Google will have something to show for the hike up in cost.