google service battery drain

Are you the one who is struggling with the Google Service Battery drain issue in your smartphone? Have you noticed that the Google Play Services app on your smartphone consumes a lot of power? If you are facing such issues, then Hurray! You are at the right place. Today, In this article, I will show you some important and useful tricks by which you can get rid of this Google service battery drain issue. I will try my level best to help you.

Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain Issue

Before we start, Let me tell you a brief about Google Play Services. So, It is basically a proprietary background service and API package for Android devices from Google. It facilitates Google’s core functionalities with another application on your android smartphone. Moreover, it consists of layers of services, and APIs, including privacy, synchronization, and much more. Thus, many applications on your Android Smartphone depend on this application in order to function properly.

Now, talking about the battery drain issue, it may be because of external applications and services that avail the services offered by the Google Play Services application. What actually happens is, whenever an application uses Google play services application’s services more often then this will lead to an increase in the consumption of power in your Android Smartphone. Therefore, your phone’s battery will drain much faster than before.

Now, a question arises that how can we know about the apps that consume more power in the Android Smartphone? Well, that’s a very simple step. All you need to do is to go to your mobile’s setting and select the Battery option. Then inside that, you will find the Battery Usage option, choose that option. Here, check the percentage of battery used by Google Play Services. Normally, the average figures are usually around 1%. But, if you find anything extensively high, then it’s indeed the services

Steps to fix Google Service Battery Drain Issue

1. Clear Play Services Data

Ok, so the first and the easiest way to deal with this issue is to clear the Google Play Services application’s cache and data. You can simply do that by heading towards your Phone’s settings, then select Apps or Application Management, choose and open Google Play Services application, select Storage. Now, select Manage Space Option and click on Clear All Data.

This will fix any temporary battery draining issue due to the Google service battery drain. Once done, Restart your smartphone for a better experience.

2. Check Sync Issues

So, We are done with the first step. Let’s move towards the second step. Now, you need to check your synchronization settings. For that, Head towards Settings in your android Smartphone, select Users & Accounts and check if you find any synchronization error there or not. If there’s any sync issue, then this is also a reason that why your battery drains very fast. Synchronization has been draining your battery by trying to sync all the time. Select the sync now option to see, if it resolves or not. If it resolves then fine but if it doesn’t then disable it.

You can also turn off syncing of unnecessary items in your Android Smartphone. This also will help you get rid of this google service battery drain issue.

3. Check Location Services

Now, let’s move to Step 3. In this step, we will check the Location Services. Allowing location permissions to unnecessary applications may also result in faster consumption of your battery. In order to resolve this issue, Open Settings on your Android Smartphone, Select Privacy, and then choose Permission Manager or App Permissions. Here, select Location and check which applications have the permission to access Location Services. For apps that you don’t find necessary, either disable the location permission or change it to Allowed only while in use.

This will stop unnecessary applications to use Location Services on your Smartphone and thus reduce battery drainage.

4. Clear Cache Partition

So, we are at Step 4. This step is an optional one. If you recently updated your Smartphone’s software then it’s recommended to clear the Cache Partition from the recovery. Now how will you do that?

Switch off your phone and press the Volume Up key and power key simultaneously in order to enter the recovery. Now, select Wipe Cache Partition or Clear Cache Partition depending upon your smartphone and proceed. This will clear temporary files and may resolve a lot of issues on your Android Smartphone Devices such as high power consumption, slow performance, and random bugs.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you find this article informative and useful and I think the above steps will definitely help you in dealing with the google service battery drain issue. If you have any queries or suggestions for me then do let me know in the comment section. And yeah, if the above steps solved your battery draining issue then feel free to share your experience in the comment section.