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What is difference between Dual core, Quad core, Hexa core, Octa core, Deca core processor


The difference between these core processor are simple let me help you to understand this in simple language. You will have been hearing about or seeing dual, quad, hexa, octa and deca core processor, sometimes from your friends or online or on gadgets specification lists. Let me clear your doubt in simplest form, processors are named according to their numbers of complete independent units known as cores. Dual as the name suggest double similarly quad means four so Sam thing is applicable with processor. Dual core processors are processor made up of two cores. Quad core processors are processor made up of four cores and so on goes with Hexa, Octa, Deca core processors. So once the number of cores increases, the performance and task handling will be more faster than others.

Let’s solve a question of junior calss , A work to be carried out by four men of group A and the same work to be carried out by 8 men of group B. Which would be finishing it faster? If know its too esay this clearly shows that Group B will finish the work before Group A. Just get it this goes same with core processor, the more cores the more faster task finishes. When you have deca core processor(10 cores) task handling will be more quick than hexa ( 6 core) etc.

Now lets quickly discuss about all these multi-core processor.

Best Processors

Dual core processor

As the name suggests dual core or double core processor have 2 cores for every physical processor. There has been two processor joimde together to improve the productivity and their store and reserve controllers are in solitary coordinate circuit.

Quad core processor

Quad core is a cheap with four independent units that read and execute information and tasks to be done in the central processing unit (CPU)

Within this 4 core processor chip, each chip works in the mix with different circuits as a store, input/ yield and memory administration. Thus, the individual core can run together multiple programs and can even execute those, increasing the speed of overall programs compatible of parallel preparing.

Hexa core processor

Hexa core processor is another multi core processor that is built with six core as we stated that the more cores built in chip the more faster it can handle tasks than any other chip. This multi core processor was first introduced in 2010. It was launched in Intel core i7 Hexa- core processor.

Best Processors

Octa core processor

Octa core processor, its simple anyone can understand the name himself infers that octa means 8, that suggest that this multi core processor are comprised of 8 autonomous cores to deal with tasks more faster and efficiently than any other processor. The octa core processor can get through this more faster than quad core processor of similar products. Octa core processor are eventually faster than any of those core processor listed above. The mediatsk MT6592 (First announced in 2013) is still a population octa core processor used in several budget android phomes. The MT6592 has eight ARM cortex A7 core running at the same time, cloked between 1.7 GHz to 2GHz.


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Deca core processor

As dual core processor are made up of 2 cores, quad core with 4 cores, hexa core with 6 cores and octa core processor with 8 cores. Deca core is also made up of 10 completely independent units of core that are basically made to handle and perform task very efficiently than any other processor made till now having adeca core processor with an processor type won’t regret your decision of buying. This is super fast than others.

Deca core processors is the latest and new processor. We have only heard about few smartphone having Deca core processor. Most of the smartphone producing companies use dual core, quad core and hexa core processor as these are cheap and outdated, but we are pretty sure that more gadgets with deca core processor will be welcomed next year.

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