Hello Guys, We are here with the solution for the most common problem faced by Photographers, Videographers and Youtube creators we often accidentally delete files using shift+delete due to which we lose our important Photos/Videos. Then we search for free Data Recovery Softwares and are not able to recover our data mostly. There are various Paid software available in the market which needs to be purchased firstly then only we can check if the data can be recovered by it or not.

So, to avoid the purchase of such useless software we are here with the Solution from a Very Famous Data Care Company Stellar which has the excellence of 25+ years. Stellar produces a strong lineup of data utilities that are both powerful enough to meet the needs of professionals and easy enough to use for everyone else. The software which we have reviewed for recovering our Photos/Videos is known as Stellar Photo Recovery which is a very known software used for Photo Recovery.

The Software is Available for both Windows and Mac.
It supports all known and unknown file types; photo, audio and video recovery support for FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, HFS+, Linux file systems, and hard drive recovery support; option to recover from CD/DVD; repairs corrupt photos, and extracts thumbnails of corrupt photos. It is easy to use, even for novice users. The program’s interface is clean and well-designed.

One of the best features of the program is its digital camera file recovery. Digital cameras typically allow you to take a picture in raw formats, which are uncompressed and unprocessed images that contain all the information that the image sensors capture. These images are proprietary formats to their manufacturers and are difficult for many other applications of this kind to recognize.
StellarPhoto Recovery software can recognize all of the major digital camera formats.

Recovery Process

Talking about the recovery process for Windows. Once the application opens, step one requires selecting the formats to recover.

After selecting the file type to be recovered You need to choose to select the location to scan on the connected drives.

The Software then scans for the deleted files and after scanning the results are being displayed.

One of the best feature of the software is Stellar Photo Recovery allows you to try the software for free before you purchase it. In this free trial, you can see which images have been found for recovery.

Pricing & Offers

Stellar Photo Recovery comes in three versions: Standard, Professional, and Premium. The Standard version can recover Photos, Professional Version can also repair corrupted images as well. Premium is the only one that can repair corrupt video files. The Standard, Professional and Premium versions are priced at ₹ 2,499, ₹ 3,299 and ₹ 4,999 respectively.

The company will be providing will be offering up to 40% off  on photo, video recovery and repair software’s from 14th August till 19th August. on the occasion of World Photography Day. It will be the best time to purchase the Software.

Checkout The Link For the offers – https://www.stellarinfo.co.in/software/world-photography-day/


Stellar Photo Recovery is an easy to use software with a clean program’s interface and well-designed. It gave us awesome result combining exceptional ease of use with strong overall performance. Its recovery rates for every other image type were perfect. The high number of camera raw formats it recognizes helps make the software a great option for novice and professional photographers.

Software Link – StellarPhoto Recovery