Playing video games with other people is the best way to play video games. You get to share in the excitement, challenge your friends, and have fun together. Social gaming is relatively easy on Android. There are two types of local multiplayer games. The first is over WiFi. The game generally takes place online but you can play in the same house over the same WiFi network. There is also multiplayer over Bluetooth. This allows you to play with people in a very close vicinity without the need for any WiFi or Internet access. However, the true offline multiplayer mode lets players play the games on the same device. It’s a relatively small market and the good games are a little difficult to find. However, there are plenty of good titles out there. Here is a list of the best wifi multiplayer games for Android that you can play with your buddies right next to you.

5. DUAL!

DUAL! is a unique wifi multiplayer game for Android. It’s a little bit like classic Pong. Players bounce and shoot stuff on their screen. The bullets and objects leave their screen and enter the other player’s screen. The game is playable completely offline via Bluetooth. You can also play over WiFi if you want to. Players can duel one another or play co-op against AI bad guys. It’s not the most difficult or complex game ever. However, it’s legitimately fun to play with another person. Plus, it’s cheap, kid friendly, and it even has achievements and stats. There really isn’t a lot wrong with this one, honestly.

Download DUAL!


NBA Jam is probably the best sports game for wifi multiplayer games for Android. It’s a remake of the arcade game of the same name. You play two on two basketball with a lighter set of rules than normal. Some other game modes include a single player campaign mode, online multiplayer, and then local multiplayer. Each person must have their own device and then connect over local WiFi or Bluetooth. The game also supports Android TV. It runs for $4.99 with no in-app purchases or advertisements. We wish EA made more games like this one.

Download NBA JAM.

3. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is a wifi multiplayer shooting game on Android that can be played with 6 different players. You can also invite your friends to join the game over WiFi network and enjoy the shooting game.

The single player match is boring and tedious but when you play this game with your friends through local wifi is fun and addictive. Due to the minimum cartoon graphics, you can easily play on low end devices. You get several weapons like sniper, shotgun, flamethrower, etc. The game is completely free but you can also unlock unique weapons and other feature using in-app purchase.

Download Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia.


BADLAND is a classic platformer game. It’s also one of the few with best wifi multiplayer game fir Android. It supports up to four players on the same device. The game also has fun graphics, a level editor, full controller support, cloud saving, and support for Android TV. That makes this one of the great local multiplayer games no matter the device. It’s getting up there in age a little bit. However, the developers keep it updated for now.

Download BADLAND.


Bombsquad is a party style game with a bunch of explosions and rag doll physics. It is a highly recommended best wifi multiplayer game for Android that allows up to eight players to join at once. If you are looking for an interesting game to play with your friend then try this one.

You can create a team of your friends or also play against each other in different mini-games. The mini-games include capture the flag, bomb, hockey, etc. The game also supports android tv and hardware controller. There is also a remote control app to play without purchasing controller.


Quick list of Best WiFi Multiplayer Games For Android

  3. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia
  4. NBA JAM
  5. DUAL!

Final words

You can use any of these games to play best free WiFi Multiplayer Games For Android.
As we just made the list of top 5 apps, few good good are also not in the list. If we missed any of the best free WiFi Multiplayer Games For Android, do let us know about them in the comments!

We Hope that you find the best free WiFi Multiplayer Games For Android. And if not then don’t worry again too because for the user’s convenience, we are regularly updating this site so stay tuned.

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