Best earphones under 2000 In 2019 You Should Buy


Are you the one for whom choosing the best earphone has been a tough task selecting the best one when you are surrounded by umpteen brands and models. when it comes to throwing money in best in-ear headphones you won’t compromise choose a value pick.Well this time, we have been surveying since to get you the top 5 best earphones under 2000 from a variety of ranges and quality one available in the market.The List Would Definitely Help you in making final decision for the best earphones in India under 2000.

Here we go.

TOP 5 Best Earphones Under 2000

1. Sennheiser CX275s Headphones

best bass earphones under 2000

Sennheiser has always been on top when its all about providing a quality product to the customer. The budget model of Sennheiser, the CX275s has always been in high demand and left all his competitor far behind and same goes for his successor as well.

This budget model of Sennheiser, the CX275s has all new symmetric design of the earpieces which ensures you a long time, peaceful and comfortable listening. There’s also an inline microphone along with the remote for controlling calls and music. The successor of CX180 covers a wide range of frequency response from 17Hz to 23Hz and weigh around 15 grams which is very light in comparison to other.

This model of Sennheiser turned out to be the best one of this year under best earphones under 2000, in my opinion, this could be the best buy under this range.

Driver unit-              12mm

Frequency Range-  17-23000Hz

Sensitivity-              121db/mW

Impedance-             16W

Weight-                    15g

Extra feature-          Inline microphone along with remote

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2. Sony MDR EX250AP Headphone 

 best bass earphones under 2000

Sony, The renowned Brand when we are up to buy the best headphone, earphones, speakers etc, Sony has been proving his quality since decades. when it comes about anything related to sound and audio sony has been always the first choice for us

The MDR EX250AP is really compact, lightweight and durable and comes under many cool and attractive color variant, this one is highly recommended for those who love colors and want to attract, we have been using device since long months and hence it proved to be best while workout session, traveling etc.So, It Comes Under Second best earphones under 2000

Driver unit-             12mm

Frequency Range-  5-25000Hz

Sensitivity-              106db/mW

Impedance-             16W

Weight-                    3g(w/o cable)

Extra feature-          Inline microphone along with remote, Attractive color variant.

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3.Audio Technica ATH-CK330iS Headphone

best earphones under 2000

Audio Technica is brand we can’t miss this out to add to the fav list of top 5 best in-ear headphones under 2000 in India. The CX330iS provides you the utmost pleasure of listening and you could choose from four different sizes of the ear buds for an ultimate listening experience of all the frequencies. Usually the IEMs of this range have lower impedance, A higher value of impedance keeps your IEM from getting ‘blown out’ at a high volume level. This means you could hear crystal clear sound even at higher levels with minimum distortion.So, It Comes Under Third best earphones under 2000

Driver unit-             10mm

Frequency Range-  20-23000Hz

Sensitivity-              –

Impedance-             24W

Weight-                     5g(w/o cable)

Extra feature-         Bass duct designed specially to deliver deep bass

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4. Soundmagic PL30+ Headphones

best earphones under 2000

If you are addicted to listening music, you might know about this brand, this IEM brand has been slaying with his ES18 model but this they bombed with their best PL30+. If you want to try something new and different and most of all, not ‘mainstream’ we recommend to give this a try.

Taking about his specs the in-ear headphone is really comfortable, the over the ear cable design takes care that your earbuds are best fitted inside your ears which consequently leads to a better noise isolation this is the best thing about this earphone.This The Last Earphone we would like to Suggest You to Buy It Under Second best earphones under 2000

Driver unit-                   —

Frequency Range-  20-22000Hz

Sensitivity-               100db/mW

Impedance-             12W

Weight-                     10g(w/o cable)

Extra feature-         1.2m Y cable made of 99.9% copper wire+fibre

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5. Sony MDR XB30EX Headphones

best earphones under 2000

Another brilliant masterpiece by Sony after the last stated model MDR EX250AP, this masterpiece is loaded with tons of features which others lack behind, this masterpiece is specifically designed to pour out the perfect bass. the XB30EX is very durable and multi-layered cord makes them tangle free and convenient to use.

You won’t be disappointed listening to both the earpieces, the earphone will provide you the best listening experience.So, It Comes Under Third best earphones under 2000

Driver unit-             13.5mm

Frequency Range-  4-24000Hz

Sensitivity-              105db/mW

Impedance-             16W

Weight-                    5g(w/o cable)

Extra feature-        Extra pieces of earbuds in different sizes.Neodymium dome type driver unit for a deep clean bass.

So, Thats all from us for the List of Top 5 Earphones Under 2000 in India.

 If you have any query about these above listed in-ear headphone do comment below in the comment section we feel generous to help you all.