Best 6 Bluetooth speakers under 2000

So, Guys are you still searching for best speakers in the market in 2019 we have updated our list of top 6 portable Bluetooth speaker under budget and that fits in your pocket have patience and read the article full.Music Lovers are not satisfied with the the speakers in our smartphones, Tablets and laptops. They aren’t loud enough or clear to enjoy your favourite music or movies they should be simply so we are looking for the best Bluetooth speakers under our budget.We have listed top 10 bluetooth speakers under 2000 which aren’t expensive enough, you could easily afford and enjoy you music and movies, these below listed speaker are really very portable, you can eventually place it anywhere you want even at your bathroom and can enjoy your shower with music.

These portable Bluetooth speakers under 2000rs are the best and affordable you could have one, we listed best speaker under 2000 and can easily be bought online or offline.

1. Zoook Rocker Mini Wireless Speaker

best-bluetooth-speaker-under-1000Zoook rocker mini made it to our list just because of its specification provided in this range ” You can simply say elegance with quality “.

Zoook rocker mini is very lightweight and easy to with carabinier attached to it. The best thing about this speaker is, its splash proof and dust resistant. Its has a great build quality and even supports pen drive, Micro SD card and FM radio, This is awesome right?, Yeah we know!. Just to make it looks cool its come with LED light which plays along with the music and you can switch it on/off whenever required, the battery life great, it charges quickly and lasts for 6-7 hours when fully charged, the speaker has decent sound and bass along with Bluetooth connectivity is also decent, it comes with in build microphone to make you communication easy. But at the same time sound cracks when its increased up to 80% volume.This could be the Best of the listed Best 6 Bluetooth speakers.

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2. Zebronics Knight Wireless Portable speaker

Zebronics the renowned brand known for Its speakers,earphones and Computer Peripherals Each of us must have used their devices which are quite affordable & have great build quality.Now coming back to our topic, the Zebronics Knight Wireless Speaker, it comes with a premium fabric finish.Devised with the penchant for style yet balanced with excellent sound, the drool worthy speaker is every heart’s content. With premium fabric finish it comes in vibrant colors like Orange, blue, green and brown this portable speaker has multi- connectivity options USB & Micro SD card along with AUX support .

It can seamlessly pair with bluetooth and one can truly enjoy the loud and distortion free music.Adding to that, there is a built-in microphone that also allows the user to make and receive calls, at the press of one button.With a range of about 10 meters,It also comes with a built-in FM bringing the users an amplified outdoor entertainment at an affordable price.This will be the Second Best of the listed Best 6 Bluetooth speakers.

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3. JBL GO Wireless Portable Speaker


JBL the renowned brand of speakers,earphones and headphones , Each folks of you reading this must be heard of JBL, and this one is on of the reason that every time this brand has proved it quality and value for money, Now let’s come back to the main topic, the JBL GO, its small and compact, light weight, the rubber coated build makes it look and feel premium, the sound is crystal clear and is loud enough to fill a large room, comes with in-build microphone for phone calls, one of the best battery life among the Bluetooth speakers ,charges quickly and lasts for more than 5 hours with continuous usage, the only thing this speaker lacks behind is it doesn’t come with carry bag and the bass is average, could have been a little better nevertheless under this range it’s a good speaker and another thing this speaker doesn’t support FM radio.This could be the Second Best of the listed Best 5 Bluetooth speakers.

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4. Logitech X100 Bluetooth Speaker


Logitech X100 in of the most affordable speaker, you won’t get disappointed after using, may be some of you folks might not be heard of this bramd, but lete clear you this brand has achieved a high point by providing quality products. So lets come back to the main topic Logitech x100 is most light weight and portable speaker it easily gets fit in to your palm, The speaker feels really good to hold due to its rubber texture. The sound quality is audible enough for a large room, the bass is good considering its price, taking as a battery primary thing let me tell you its last for 5 hours when fully charged, the most commendable thing about this speaker is its connectivity, its great, campatible with android, IOS and Microsoft devices, its comes with lanyard loop and th cable and an in build microphone which make receiving calls easier. The only by which this speaker is lacking behind , jst does not come with carry bag, its not splashproof, USB cables are not provided with box and this speaker doesn’t support micro SD card and FM Radio.This could be the Third Best of the listed Best 5 Bluetooth speakers.

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5. Philips Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

best-bluetooth-speaker-under-1000Last, but not the least Philips wireless portable Bluetooth speaker somehow made it to our list. Philips speaker is very light weight and and portable but doesn’t get fits in your palm, it has a great sound quality and has a loud sound, audible enough in a large room, Bluetooth connectivity is really good, compatible with any mobile and laptop, though its easy to pair up with any device. It has a in build microphone to make your calls easier, its also supports USB cable and has decent battery life but there are even some Con’s of this speaker, it doesn’t support micro SD card, doesn’t come with volume adjustment button you have to use your device to control volume, The glossy finish makes it slippery and can only connect with one device at a time.This could be the 4th Best of the listed Best 5 Bluetooth speakers.

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6. Amkette Truebeats Metal 2 Bluetooth Speaker

best-bluetooth-speaker-under-1000Amekette truebeats metal 2 has great build quality with rubberised coating outside it make make your hold tight, it has a great sound quality, due to its metal drum the sound is loud and clear, even at the highest volume the sound doesn’t get distorted along with its bass is great, the Amekette true beats is little bit heavy due to its metal drum, but these thing doesnt effect quality, the speaker is very compatible, however you cannot carry it in. Your poket. It does support micro SD card and OTG cable, it comes with carry case as well as Aux cable and USB cables. Well it doesn’t support FM Radio and has problem with connecting to laptops.This would be the Last of the listed Best 5 Bluetooth speakers.

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