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7 Best Font Changing App for Android

Almost every smartphone comes with default font styles. Do you want to change the default font style and apply some other styles? Then In this post, we have listed some of the best font changing app for android. Using which you can replace the old font style to the new one, increase or decrease the font size, etc.

Whenever you write any message or document the main thing which should be considered is font style. Choosing a better font style will make your work attractive.

On studying and researching various apps, we have came up with the best font changing app for your device. So if you want to change your phone’s font then try out the below apps.

7. Font Changer

Another one of the best font changing app for Android users. This app provides more than 120 fonts to choose from. Just enter your text and let the app takes care of the rest. Select the font which you liked the most and that’s it. Now you can share it through messenger or on social media.

In addition to such a huge variety of fonts available, users have also the option of adding various emoticons and decorations to the text. And it also has Instagram comment support which is not present in rest of the apps.

Download Font Changer.

6. Cool Fancy Text Generator

You can easily convert normal text into many stylish and cool text with symbols and fancy fonts. Unlike the app mentioned above, you can actually see the name of the font that you are previewing. Once you have selected the font to go for, simply tap on the text and it will be copied on to the clipboard, from where you can paste it anywhere you want.

Additionally, you also get a text decoder tab in which you can try out text along with symbols to experiment with the font style. Hence making it to the list of best font changing app for Android.

Download Cool Fancy Text Generator.

5. Stylish Fonts

Another one of the best font changing app for Android users. Try and add more and cooler fonts with this app. Stylish fonts let its users instantly preview the font which they are trying. And the best part is, you don’t have to manually select a font style every time before adding text. Just simply enter your text and the app will automatically display that text in all the formats available.

Apart from that, you can alter the size of the text. And the app also provides the reading mode in which colors become much warmer which have a pleasing effect on our eyes.

Download Stylish Fonts.

4. HiFont

HiFont is another app in the best font changing app list. Install this app on your Android device to give it a whole new look & feel with cool and stylish fonts. The app supports Android 4.1 and upper versions and if you are using Android 4.4+ then you can also enjoy adding colored fonts to your smartphone.

For some of the Samsung Galaxy phone series, it does not require rooting while for Android phones from some companies like HTC, Motorola, Huawei, and Lenovo it requires rooting.

Download HiFont .

3. Fontfix

FontFix is one of the best font changing app for Android, and its sole aim is to change the system fonts on your Android phone or tablet. It brings amaterialdesign look, and this makes the installation of fonts quite easy. Choose from hundreds of fonts. All fonts are free for personal use and the majority of fonts are free for commercial use too!

You can preview the font in FontFix before installing it to your Android device. You can also preview any font file you download from the web by selecting the font from a third-party file manager or directly in the app. The app also features a smart backup, and this allows you to back up your system fonts which can be restored if you’d like.

Download FontFix.

2. iFont

iFont is one of the most popular, and a highly rated font changing app for you all. This app has been integrated with hundreds of beautifully designed fonts, which can be downloaded for free of course, with a ton of features.

The best part about this application is that it focuses more customization, as it brings the feature of changing font size and color. On top of that, you’ll also be able to preview, backup and install fonts from your SD card. Get ready to spread happiness around with this app.

Download iFont.

1. FancyKey Keyboard – Cool

To get away with the boring white and gray keyboard and static fonts, use FancyKey keyboard app. This is the best font changing app for your Android device. It adds keyboard having beautiful fonts and cool emojis.

Apart from this, you have a freehand to customize the keyboard. You can add typing effects with sound. It is also possible to set the image on keyboard background and change the color of the keyboard.

Download FancyKey Keyboard – Cool.

Quick list of 7 Best Font Changing App for Android

  1. FancyKey Keyboard – Cool
  2. iFont
  3. Fontfix
  4. HiFont
  5. Stylish Fonts
  6. Cool Fancy Text Generator
  7. Font Changer

Final words !

You can use any of these apps to quickly change your phone’s font. As we just made the list of top 5 apps, few good apps are also not in the list. If we missed any of the best font changing app, do let us know about them in the comments!

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Sahil Jasrotia
Sahil Jasrotia
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