Hello Music Geeks! Crazy about the songs? Well, this is the place for you. I can truly understand that visiting many sites one by one in search of a genuine link to download your favourite song is very irritating and boring stuff. I can feel your pain so that’s why we did some research for all of you who love music and crazy about songs. As you know there is a feel in music and an emotion in every song which a music geek or a song lover can understand and experience.So, We are here with our Post of BEST WEBSITES TO DOWNLOAD ENGLISH SONGS.

There is no doubt that music and songs actually heal you from inside. But unfortunately, we sometimes skip downloading our favourite songs because we don’t have enough time to visit sites one by one just for searching the download link. So, we made it easy for you.

Here, I am presenting you a list of 10 websites to download your favourite English songs. So, please have a look at the list below and choose the one which suits you the most.



15. My free MP3 

My free MP3 is one of the best websites for downloading English songs. Why I am including the keyword ‘best’ when talking about this website is because of the simplicity of this website.

Usually what happen is you visit a site, you spend some time looking for your favourite song and then it asks you for create an account first and then only allow you to download any kind of song. And then it becomes a very complex and frustrating process to download a particular song.

Well no such scenario is here on My free MP3. You will find the User interface of this website so simple that it won’t give you any trouble in finding your favourite song. Moreover, you do not need to create an account here in order to download a song. You can listen to a song first and then if you like it you can download it with ease. How cool it is like everything is so easy, simple and free of cost.

14. Internet Archive

So, another one in the list is filled with Internet Archive. Well yeah if you have visited this website earlier, you must be wondering this website is not particularly for downloading the English songs but we can’t neglect the fact that it also allows you to download songs with good quality audio.

Apart from the songs, you may find various things which you can download from this site. But I am telling you from my experience that you won’t get disappointment while searching for your favourite song in this website.

13. Soundclick

Soundclick is another website to download quality English songs and you will be amazed to know that it is one of the most famous websites with over 70 million page views per month. It is a very old and still running website that is satisfying the wants of its users.

Many people loved to download English mp3 from Soundclick from years since they find this website as one point for their all English mp3 requirements. The unique features that this website offers includes, free member profile pages, streaming audio (music charts) and video and famous radio stations. You can find your choice of song here as new songs are added after regular intervals.

12. Songs lover

As you see its name, this website is particularly made by keeping in mind the wants of every Songs lover. Here, you will get everything you actually desire for in terms of your taste and likes.

Search any English song by either genre or by manually searching using the search box. As you know, when you get what you want, you really enjoy searching. This website ensures that its users won’t get disappointment in any condition. That’s why, they made their interface so simple and interactive that you can use the website with ease and download your favourite English mp3.

You don’t need to pay anything in order download your favourite English mp3. You simply just have to look for your favourite song and download it. Nothing complex and no long procedure is needed to be followed in order to download your favourite songs. The best part of the website is that it regularly updates it contents by adding the new ones.


Mp3.com is one of the leading and most widely used website for downloading songs. As the name itself indicates, this website allows you to download English mp3 directly into your computer, laptop or mobile.

The best part of this website is that it provides you the latest music from not only the established artists but from the new and emerging ones also. For downloading the song, you don’t need to look or use your brain much as the interface is very simple and easy to use. You can choose your taste among different categories of music like hip-hop, jazz etc.

10. Mp3Box

Mp3Box is another one of the most preferred websites for download English mp3. As you can see by its name, Mp3Box sounds like a box consists of mp3s or filled with mp3s. And actually its true as this website contains millions of songs.

You will definitely get a huge variety in front of you. This will help you in picking your taste among the millions. Talking about the user interface, then it also has a simple and nice interface which you can use with ease.

9. Last.fm

Another one in the list is Last.fm. It is also a great website and probably a nice choice to download your favourite English mp3. The best thing is that it allows you to watch live performance of the artists.

And that’s a very good thing according to me. Only some websites have features like this. Just imagine how good it would be that you actually open this website and you can online listen to your favourite songs, download those songs and can even watch the latest live performances of the artists. Isn’t this amazing? In my opinion, yes it is. You must go for this website once.

8. BeeMp3

Now we have BeeMp3 in the list. Ok but wait a minute, I am sure that you must have heard about this website or must have visited once in life. If you are not then also it’s fine. The reason I am actually asking you this is because this is one of the best and most widely used website for downloading the songs.

If you just Google search like download English songs and on the very first page result of Google search, you will see the name of this website. So talking more about this website, people are already fan of this actually as they can get the songs of their choice with high quality audio.

You will definitely not be disappointed if this website is your prior choice for downloading English mp3.

7. Mp3skull

Another one in the list is Mp3skull. Again, best website to download English mp3 songs. Get every song of your choice here. This website consists of a music library that consists of almost all the music out there. Music library is very huge here so almost every song is here.

The website consists of a great search engine with an interactive and simple interface. This website is further provides you with links to download your favourite song. So, it’s a long procedure. Not recommend for those who want to download songs in one go.


So, now we present to you a website which you love the most. It is famous and much flexible to use. The website consists of all the features you need in music or a song downloading website and further, it is more interactive and easy to use.

 Stream the music online or download them, depends on your choice but I am telling you, you will definitely be impressed by this one. I recommend you to please visit this one, search your favourite English mp3 and download it.

5. Amazon music

Another one in the list is Amazon music. I am pretty much sure you have heard about this. It’s a nice platform to get along with your favourite music. But I am not sure that you get everything you want here. All the latest music and mp3 are added here but if search for some old English mp3, you may not find it.

Although, Amazon music consists of good quality songs which you can stream online and download.

4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a popular English mp3 download site. Most of the people preferred this site for download their favourite English mp3 because of the collection they find here. The best part of this website is that it contains music albums from new and emerging artists also. So, if you listen to a song somewhere and you want to download it, you can definitely prefer this site.

As it is free, you can definitely choose this one. Moreover, you can actually follow your favourite artists and directly connect with them.


Another great platform for downloading English mp3 is ReverbNation. Yes, why I am saying it a great because here you will find good quality audio songs and that is for free. Other benefits of using this website include encountering new and emerging artists all over the globe.

You simply have to search your favourite English mp3 and enjoy. You can search by genre like hip-hop, rock etc. or manually by typing the name of the song if you have a particular one.


Wynk Music is one of the most popular and widely used platforms for downloading songs. You must have heard about it in the television advertisement or in the news feed. If you are an airtel user then this is free for you.

Wynk interface is quite simple and easy to use. Here you can get every song which you desire for and that too in high quality. You can download this app from play store and enjoy its features. I recommend this one to you!


Ganna is the best, popular and effective platform for downloading songs. It’s famous by a line ‘bas bajna chahiye gaana’. You will find millions of songs here. Its interface is simple and actually attractive.

Search manually or by genre and find your favourite songs here. This is the most popular platform among song lovers. You can either download the Ganna app in your smartphone or can go to its official website.


So, above is the list of BEST WEBSITES TO DOWNLOAD ENGLISH SONGS. But for your convenience, we are regularly updating this article so that you will get to know more about it. And we are sure that you can get to know a lot about English songs downloading platforms apart from the ones which you are currently using so please write in the comment section which are your BEST WEBSITES TO DOWNLOAD ENGLISH SONGS.

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