10 Best Nova Launcher Themes For Android

10 Best Nova Launcher Themes For Android

We usually look for great themes which should have a Great Design and should be responsive and many Affordable phones having great specs though it does not have any cool wallpapers, themes, widgets etc which creates a problem. So, we are here with a Launcher named as Nova Launcher which you might have heard many times or might be using it. However, you might have noticed that Nova launcher lack many Themes feature. But there something that is really appreciable, you can create your own themes with Nova launcher. You must be thinking that creating these theme are really time consuming as well as taxing and thus we worked for you so hard and found these launchers.We worked hard for you and tested with the best widgets, wallpapers, icon packs and of course, the various nova launcher settings and created 10 amazing nova launcher themes. So here are the Top 10 Nova Launcher Themes to give your device a new look.

Thing to remember- Some of the features and options are only available in nova launcher prime. We have mentioned the price if and only if there is any use of paid apps.


1. Fun Theme (Nova Launcher Themes)


The fum theme is aimed at the people loves the comic character wallpapers and it really cool theme we sure you would love this.

  • Wallpaper: wallrox ( Superman )
  • Icon packs: Dark matter icon pack (0.99$)
  • Widgets: shuttle, Zooper clokr(Transparent)
  • Nova setting: Deskstop scroll effect (zoom fade)

2. Nature Theme (Nova Launcher Themes)


Everyone loves nature beauty so here we have come up to you with nature theme with trees as wallpaper.

  • Wallpaper: Background HD (john MCsporraan Hilton trees)
  • Icon packs: Elun icon pack (0.99$)
  • Widgets: Dash clock
  • Nova setting: App drawer (Transparent) , Hide notification bar

3. Iron man Theme (Nova Launcher Themes)


Hell folks, we know you love comic character and specially iron theme. This truly inspire by comic character.

  • Wallpaper: Iron man melting art
  • Icon packs: Golden icon pack
  • Widgets: shuttle (Transparent), 1weather,                    Zooper they are coming
  • Nova setting: App drawer background (Transparent), Hide notification bar

4. Flat Color Theme (Nova Launcher Themes)


Those looking for colorful wallpaper with flat color icon this one is for you.

  • Wallpaper: wallrox (matexial 28)
  • Icon packs: voxel icon pack
  • Widgets: shuttle( Transparent with black widget), Zooper davrdate, custom Zooper       widget(2.99$)
  • Nova setting: Icon Size Desktop & Dock (110%) Folder Preview (Stack), Folder Background (Disc), Desktop Scroll Effect (Wipe), Animation (Relaxed).

5. Material Design (Nova Launcher Themes)


Material is basically aimed at Google material design UI on stock android. We have used material design and icon from ploycon.

  • Wallpaper: wallrox (material 37 )
  • Icon packs: Polycon icon pack
  • Widgets: Minimalist clock , Minimaslistic Text, Battery, Buzz weather
  • Nova setting: Deskstop grid (4×4), Icon size desktop & Dock (120%), persistent search bar turned on, search bar (Bar style 2, Logo style5)

6. Dark Theme (Nova Launcher Themes)


If you love those black and white dark theme instead of those bright colors, thanks nova night mode we have made this amazing setup for you.

  • Wallpaper: wallrox ( BW30)
  • Icon packs: Min icon pack
  • Widgets: Minimal UCCW widget, Shuttle  (transparent), 1weather (white accents)
  • Nova setting: persistent search bar turned on, search bar ( Bar style 3, Logo style 4), Night mode (Always)

7. Colorful Theme (Nova Launcher Themes)


Everone love colours, the spash of colors all over your homescreen if love this kind of thing thia one is for you.

  • Wallpaper: Backgrounds HD ( Aotaro sharp colored pencils)
  • Icon packs: Rondo icon pack
  • Widgets: Rondo clock, 1weather
  • Nova setting: ICOM size Desktop &Dock (120%), persistent search bar turned on, Search Bar (Bar style 2, logo style 5), page indicator color (yellow), Folder Background (Circle)

8. Landscape (Nova Launcher Themes)

Landscape theme is full of secenic beauty. This theme would give your phone a gorgeous nature secenic look to your android device.
  • Wallpaper: Backgrounds HD (Kirt edlom Don’t let the sun go down on me)
  • Icon packs: Elos icon pack
  • Widgets: Zooper texty, 1weather
  • Nova setting: Hide notification bar

9. Android N Theme (Nova Launcher Themes)

If you still using lollipop but fantasize with Android Noughat but get it by many other ways but you can get it by using Nova launcher.
  • Wallpaper: Wallrox ( Android 1)
  • Icon packs: Moonshine icon pack
  • Widgets: Stock Digital clock
  • Nova setting: Icon size Desktop & Dock (140%), scroll Effect (simple), wallpaper scrolling (None), folder preview (Grid), Folder Background (Android N Design), persistent search Bar turned on, search Bar (Bar style 1, Logo style 1)


10. Minimal theme (Nova Launcher Themes) 

The minimal theme is aimed for those people who want to keep things simple and clean. The theme brings all that and looks beautiful too
  • Wallpaper: Minima live wallpaper
  • Icon packs: Nimbbi icon pack (0.99$)
  • Widgets: UCCW dresses clock, 1weather month calendar
  • Nova setting: search bar (bar style 1, logo style 2)